Monday, 20 November 2017

I know it is normally a bad sign when you have spots in front of your eyes but that is what I am seeing in abundance today because practically everyone is wearing something spotty today for ‘Children in Need’. As a school we do like to support fundraising projects like this because it does make the children think about people less fortunate than themselves and it does show that if everyone does a little it can have an enormous, positive impact on the lives of those in need. I would like to thank everyone who made a donation and I will let you know how much we raised when we have the total.

 It has also been anti-bullying week in school. The children have been carrying out lots of activities which highlight the negative impact that bullying can have on people’s lives and they have also been finding out about strategies to help them cope with conflict in their lives so that it does not develop into bullying.  They were all very excited about being involved in the creation of an anti-bullying emoji (art attack style) and this will be available for you to view on our website. I also did a presentation on Monday about how parents can help support their children mange conflict at school. If you could not attend the meeting I have uploaded the presentation onto the home page of our website so you can look at the advice in your own time.

A matter that has been brought to my attention this week is the number of pupils who are obviously accessing computer games that are not appropriate for their age. Some of the games that are now available on the market are extremely violent but their rating is above that of a primary age pupil and yet some of our children are playing on them. We know this because some of the scenes from these games are being discussed by the children in school and reproduced in their written work. Can I ask that your children only access games that are age appropriate and that the amount of time that they spend on a computer is monitored.  Advice on e- safety and what your children can access on a computer is available on the school website.

Next week is another exciting week in school. Some of the older children are taking part in the ‘Big Draw’ at Hertfordshire University and some of the younger junior children are taking part in a sports event. On Saturday the PTA are holding a ‘Family Photograph’ day in school. If you would like to take part in this and have not booked a session contact someone in the school office and they will put you in touch with the relevant member of the PTA.

I hope you all have an enjoyable weekend.

Friday, 10 November 2017

This week I would like to start my blog with a huge thank you to the PTA and all the people who supported them in the running of our annual bonfire event. As usual it was very well attended and everyone who I have spoken to have said what a great event it was. It would not have been such a success if we had not had so much support and, indeed, we had a few extra parents join us in the preparation and running of the event this year and those who help out regularly said what a difference it made – let us hope that we can get even more help next year. All of those who do help do say how much they enjoy it. As soon as I know how much money has been raised I will let you know.

Next week is also quite an eventful week in school because it is ‘Anti –Bullying Week’. Although we cover appropriate behaviour in school throughout the year in our PSHE sessions and assemblies we do like to focus on what is unacceptable behaviour during this week so that the children really think about the negative impact that bullying could have on someone’s life. As I mentioned in my last newsletter we are also holding an event for parents this year so that they can help their child manage conflict at school. The attendance slips for this were due in today but if you would still like to attend and you have forgotten to return your slip to school please contact the school office on Monday morning and they will reserve you a place. The meeting for parents is taking place on Monday, 13th November at 2.30pm. The session will finish in time for you to collect your children at the usual time at the end of the school day.

On Friday, 17th November it is ‘Children in Need. On this day the children can come to school not wearing uniform as long as one of the items is spotty as this is the theme for ‘Children in Need’ this year. If the children choose not to wear uniform on this day they will need to bring in a pound towards the ‘Children in Need’ appeal. We are also asking parents to send in any old pound coins that they may have at home to put towards the appeal. They can no longer be used in shops but they can be used for the appeal.

I hope you all have a great weekend and I look forward to seeing you again on Monday.

Friday, 3 November 2017

I feel like I am a part time member of staff this week because I have only been in school for two days as I was attending a three day training course with Mr Spring. The school has run smoothly without me and as usual the children have settled back into their school routine very quickly after their half term break. It was also good on my return to see the Key Stage Two children in their winter uniform - they all look very smart.

There is great excitement in school because of the firework display tomorrow night. The weather forecast for the evening is cold but dry which is perfect weather for Bonfire Night. If you have not yet purchased your tickets they are available from Darkes Lane in the morning or they can be purchased on the gate on the evening but I would recommend getting them in advance because you do not want to be turned away because they are sold out!

I hope to see many of you at the fireworks tomorrow night. I will be working on the barbeque all night so if you want to pop across to see me please do.

Friday, 20 October 2017

What a frantic week I have had in school. I have had many meetings this week and with all the parent consultations the week has just flown by –at least I have got a week off to recover. All the parent consultations appear to have gone well, and, as usual, I have had many positive comments from teachers and parents. As I stated last week I am involved with the Year 6 consultations during the autumn term and I always find it very interesting to listen to how the children think they are doing and what they could do to improve their learning. When you speak to them they are amazingly perceptive as to what they need to do - it is just that some of them find it difficult to put it into practice. However as they are children we would expect this which is why we are here to help guide them through the process.

I am glad that the half term is here and not for the reasons you may be thinking. We have had a lot of children absent this week due to illness. One of the reasons for this has been the change of weather but another reason is that it has been a long half term. Every time we go over six weeks the childrens’ health appears to deteriorate and we have a lot of absence. I hope that all the educators who want to extend the length of the school terms pay attention to this because I think it will just have a detrimental effect on their learning and will not allow them to make better progress. Hopefully all the children will have plenty of time to recover over the break and will come back feeling refreshed and eager to learn.  

When we return it will be the Christmas half term which I absolutely love. However, before we can think about Christmas festivities we have our annual bonfire event to look forward to on November 4th. This is certainly a highlight in the school calendar and I know it is also a highlight for many of the children. As well as being a great event it is also a brilliant fundraiser for the school and the more people that attend the better it is for the school. As we help to run the event we do need a lot of support to make the event a success. Many of you have already volunteered to help but I know that the PTA could still do with some more volunteers so if you think that you could spare even an hour on the 4th of November or even some time on the morning of November 5th to help clear up after the event please let your class PTA rep know and they will put your name forward. The last thing the PTA purchased was new computers for the school and their next project is to transform one of the classrooms into a science and technology room which all the children can enjoy. Without the support of the PTA Little Heath would not be able to provide such a broad, quality, curriculum which OFSTED now recognise as being an essential requirement for all children.

That is all for now. After the half term I will not be in school for 3 days because I have to attend some training. Mrs Zegallo will be in charge while I am away and you will be able to contact her in my absence. I hope that you all have a great break – remember that you return to school on Monday, 30th October and I will see you all again when I return on November 2nd.

Friday, 13 October 2017

As I was at the ‘Primary Head’s Conference’ last week I feel as if it has been  a long time since I last wrote a blog. The conference was very enjoyable and very reassuring in that it was emphasising the importance of making education an enjoyable experience for children because if children feel alienated from the process they will not make progress with their learning. In the past it has all been about data and percentages but there does seem to have been a change in the focus – even from Ofsted – in that it is important that schools concentrate on teaching a broad and balanced curriculum so that the whole child can be developed. We have always held this belief in Little Heath and it is good to get the confirmation that we are correct.

I had a very enjoyable start to my day this morning with the Year 5 assembly. It was based around mystery stories. The children did an excellent job and all the parents I spoke to said how much they enjoyed it. I would like to thank Mr da Rocha, Miss Davis and Mrs Onley for all the support they gave the children in preparing their assembly.

It does seem impossible to believe but our Harvest Festival was 2 weeks ago. As usual our parents were very generous and we managed to raise an impressive £449.60. As I mentioned in my previous blog our selected charity this year is the NSPCC and I know they will be very happy with our contribution.

Next week it is our parent consultations. The teachers and I always enjoy these events because it gives us an opportunity to share your child’s progress with you and how we can all work together to ensure the best outcomes for your child. During the autumn consultations I am always present for the Year 6 consultations so I will not be available to meet any parents on Thursday night but you can always make an appointment to see me at a later date. May I also ask that you stick to your 10 minute slot (15 minutes for Year 6) and do not overrun. If there is anything you would like to discuss in more depth you can also make an appointment to see the teacher at another, mutually convenient time.

Have an enjoyable weekend and I look forward to seeing many of you next week.


Friday, 29 September 2017

After a very busy morning at our Harvest Festival it is actually quite a treat to sit down and type up my blog. As usual our Harvest Festival was well attended and the children performed their songs very well. I really enjoyed listening to the new songs and I hope all our parents did as well. I would like to thank Mrs Gwinnett, Mrs Robinson and Mr Spring for all the work they did in preparing the children for this morning. I would also like to thank the PTA for serving all the refreshments – without their support many of the events we run in school would not be possible. Last, but certainly not least, I would like to thank all our lovely parents for helping to make the event such a success. Your generosity through your donations of cakes and in the money you gave this morning is much appreciated. As you know the charity we are supporting this year is the NSPCC and I will inform you of the total when I know how much we have raised.

The ‘Book Fair’ arrived in school this week which is always greeted by great excitement from the children. Although they have sent us slightly fewer books this year there is still quite a good selection for the children to choose from.  You will be able to purchase books from the fair after school until Tuesday. Remember that the more money we raise the more books we can purchase for the school.

Next week the builders, although much delayed, will be coming into school to start the work on our heating and water system. Although to begin with it will not be too intrusive it will have an impact on our daily timetable but it will only be temporary and the school will be much improved. Once they arrive I will have a better idea of how the work is going to proceed (they have changed their original plans) I will be able to give you more information.

Next week is the annual ‘Primary Headteachers’ Conference’ and so I will not be around for the second half of the week. If there is an issue you would like to discuss with me you can make an appointment to see me the following week or you could speak to Mrs Zegallo in my absence. It also means that there will not be a head teacher’s blog next week.

I hope you all have a pleasant weekend. Do not forget on Monday morning that the school photographer is coming in to take individual photographs of the children so you may want them to take extra care with their appearance.

Friday, 22 September 2017

We were very lucky this week to have a visit from ‘Google’ in school who were doing some work with our Year 5 and 6 girls. One of the reasons they were doing this was to encourage girls to choose a career in computing when they are older. I do not think that will be an issue for our girls because they were all really eager to take part and although that meant we had slightly more girls than Google had requested, they accommodated the extra bodies so that no-one was disappointed. I would like to thank Mr Hall for organising this event for the school. The girls were especially pleased with their gifts of stickers and an alarm clock each.

Next week we have three big events in school.  The first is the arrival of the ‘Book Fair’ in school. It will be open in school every night from 28th September - 3rd October from 3.20pm – 4.00pm.  In the past Little Heath parents have always been very generous in purchasing books from here and the more books that parents buy the more books we will be given for our school library. Your children benefit twice from this system because they have a new book to read at home and they have a bigger selection of books to choose from to read in school. I also do not have to remind you of the benefits to all areas of children’s learning that comes from reading.

On Wednesday it is National Fitness Day and even though we already do a lot of physical activity in school Mr Mills has set up a mini fitness circuit and all the school, including teachers, will take part. Please make sure your children have their PE kit in school for that day.

We are also holding our annual Harvest Festival Coffee Morning next Friday. You will all have a received a letter about this during the week. Remember that all donations of cakes need to come into school on Wednesday and Thursday so that we can set up early on Friday in preparation for everyone coming, although you can still bring donations in on Friday morning if that is the only time you can bring them into school. I have listed the different time slots for the classes below but as I stated in the letter if you cannot make the slot you have been allocated or you have more than one child and can only make one time you can have all your children join you for the time you can attend.   The children look forward to this event because they love spending time with their parents in school (I suspect they also look forward to the cake that they can have as well) and they have been learning new songs to sing to you this year. I look forward to seeing many of you there next weekend.

9.30 – 10.00am – Years 3 & 4

10.00 -10.30am – Nursery & Reception

10.30 -11.00am – Years 5 & 6

11.00 – 11.30am – Years 1 & 2


I hope you all have a good weekend. I am being dragged to a football match by my husband this weekend. He keeps telling me how lucky I am because I am going to be in a chairman’s box whilst watching Newcastle United play! We certainly have different ideas about what constitutes a good time!